Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Will dinosaur and men walk together on the face of earth after being extinct for more than sixty five million years ago? I bet you guys have at least heard or even seen the original Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park. Practically the thing that sparks my interest from the book and the movie is that it used the idea that amber containing an ancient mosquito might be the key to recreating dinosaurs. The goal was quite simple; remove blood from the gut of a mosquito which had fed on a dinosaur just before being trapped in tree resin which later became amber.
The last dinosaur existed sixty five million years ago. There are, however, a surprisingly large number of sites where amber from the age of the Dinosaurs can be found in quite large quantities such as the (Isle of Wight,UK) (Taimyr, Russia ) ( Kuji, Japan ) ( Cedar Lake, Manitoba, Canada ) (Arctic Coastal Plain, USA ) and many more other places around the world.
A number of scientists have made claims about extracting DNA from the tissue present in Cretaceous age insects. They do this to confirm the ideas or theories being proposed. So far the work done to duplicate these results has not been successful.
Dr. Jeremy Austin of the Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom has been engaged on a project purely to reproduce this DNA research. His efforts to date have proven two things:
(1) The extraction of ancient DNA is highly prone to contamination which means DNA which is discovered does not always date back to the time of the dinosaurs.
(2) To date he has not been able to extract any ancient DNA and the likelihood of finding Dinosaur DNA does not look imminent.
All of us are able to compensate the differences between science and fiction, I have high hopes that this science fiction can somehow lead to new knowledge and discoveries...because deep down inside of me, the candle of imagination and fantasy of an eight year old boy is still burning brightly to light the path of possibilities that might occur in the future and just perhaps one day T-Rex will be cloned thus that will be the greatest thing happened in my life...hmm..putting aside the part where mankind will face extinction and dinosaurs will rule the earth once more..yeah, other than that its cool.. especially if I can see one of those dinos run rampage, chew on Naidu (the guy that I hated so much during high school) and then let me myself get away.. Hahahahahaahahh LOL.....that would be nice...Dino rocks


  1. The idea of extracting DNA from amber isn't confined to the movies. The first reported success in the real world came in 1992, when scientists reported finding DNA from an extinct bee encased in Dominican amber. Other reports of successful extraction followed. However, there's some controversy surrounding these discoveries. In some cases, other research has disproved the original findings. In others, researchers simply can't replicate the original DNA extraction.