Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Will dinosaur and men walk together on the face of earth after being extinct for more than sixty five million years ago? I bet you guys have at least heard or even seen the original Steven Spielberg movie Jurassic Park. Practically the thing that sparks my interest from the book and the movie is that it used the idea that amber containing an ancient mosquito might be the key to recreating dinosaurs. The goal was quite simple; remove blood from the gut of a mosquito which had fed on a dinosaur just before being trapped in tree resin which later became amber.
The last dinosaur existed sixty five million years ago. There are, however, a surprisingly large number of sites where amber from the age of the Dinosaurs can be found in quite large quantities such as the (Isle of Wight,UK) (Taimyr, Russia ) ( Kuji, Japan ) ( Cedar Lake, Manitoba, Canada ) (Arctic Coastal Plain, USA ) and many more other places around the world.
A number of scientists have made claims about extracting DNA from the tissue present in Cretaceous age insects. They do this to confirm the ideas or theories being proposed. So far the work done to duplicate these results has not been successful.
Dr. Jeremy Austin of the Natural History Museum, London, United Kingdom has been engaged on a project purely to reproduce this DNA research. His efforts to date have proven two things:
(1) The extraction of ancient DNA is highly prone to contamination which means DNA which is discovered does not always date back to the time of the dinosaurs.
(2) To date he has not been able to extract any ancient DNA and the likelihood of finding Dinosaur DNA does not look imminent.
All of us are able to compensate the differences between science and fiction, I have high hopes that this science fiction can somehow lead to new knowledge and discoveries...because deep down inside of me, the candle of imagination and fantasy of an eight year old boy is still burning brightly to light the path of possibilities that might occur in the future and just perhaps one day T-Rex will be cloned thus that will be the greatest thing happened in my life...hmm..putting aside the part where mankind will face extinction and dinosaurs will rule the earth once more..yeah, other than that its cool.. especially if I can see one of those dinos run rampage, chew on Naidu (the guy that I hated so much during high school) and then let me myself get away.. Hahahahahaahahh LOL.....that would be nice...Dino rocks

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Rules to be a man? Haahahaaah LOL

This is something that I stumble on the internet, It is hilarious..most of it is garbage to me..I don't really know about all of you people out there..So what do you think?

Ways to keep your Testosterone flowing...
1. Don't call, ever.
2. If you don't like a girl, don't tell her. It's more fun to let her figure it out by herself.
3. Lie.
4. Name your penis. Be sure it is something narcissistic and unoriginal, such as "spike."
5. If you lose something that belongs to someone else, tell them you mailed it to them.
6. Here's a good pickup line, "My girlfriend's pregnant, will you go out with me?"
7. Drink Vernors.
8. Play with yourself. Talk about it.
9. Be as ambiguous as possible. If you don't want to answer, a nice grunt will do.
10. Always remember: You are a man. Therefore, no matter what, it isn't your fault.
11. Lie.
12. Girls find it attractive if a man has had more women than baths.
13. Never ask for help. Even if you really, really need help - don't ask. People will think you have no penis.
14. Women like it when you ignore them. It arouses them.
15. Vanity is the most important trait for a man to have. Whenever you pass a reflective surface, check you hair, clothing, etc.
16. If you don't like a girl, but can't think of a good enough reason why, just come up with trite, meaningless explanations like, "I don't know. I just don't like her personality."
17. If, GOD FORBID, you have to talk to a girl on the phone, use only monosyllabic words and noises. Bodily noises are permissible.
18. TWO WORDS: Hack and spit.
19. Everyone finds a man more attractive if he can write his name in urine.
20. One sure way to make a girl like you is to go after her best friend. She will then see what she's missing and love you for not giving up on her.
21. Tell her you will call. Then, refer back to rule #1.
22. Say things like, "Wha...?"
23. Don't wear matching clothes. People will think your girlfriend picked it out, and it will cramp your style on picking up chicks.
24. Lie.
25. Deny everything. Everything.
26. Good break up line, "It's not you, it's me."
27. If you like a girl, tell all your female friends about her. Because if any of your female friends like you, they'll really want to know.
28. Don't have a clue.
29. If you get a clue, pretend you didn't and disregard it.
30. No means yes.
31. Yes means no.
32. If you don't get sex whenever you want, your balls will shrivel. Enforce this rule at all times.
33. If anyone asks, you have had sex in all possible positions and locations. Improvise.
34. Much like an orgasm signifies the end of a sexual peak, sex often signifies the end of a relationship.
35. Feelings? What feelings?
36. Tell this to your girl before you have sex, "Don't worry. If you don't have an orgasm, you won't get pregnant."
37. Life is one big competition. If someone is better than you at anything, either pretend it's not true or kick some ass.
38. Gays are an unacceptable part of our society. Take it upon yourself to personally irradiate all of them from the planet.
39. DO NOT make decisions about relationships. If you are backed into a corner and must make a decision, stall. If you still must come up with an answer, leave yourself a loophole for escape. Example: Question: "Honey, will you take me out for a romantic dinner?" Answer: "Yes, if you can guess how many sperm I produce each day."
40. Every sentence that anyone says can be contorted to have sexual meaning. Do so.
41. At any given opportunity, point out how things look like various genitalia. If, by chance, you have Play-Doh, make sure you make an exact replica of your penis. Measure to make sure it's right.
42. Lie.
43. "Love" is not in your vocabulary. don't even think about saying it.
44. A general rule: If whatever you're doing does not satisfy you completely in 5 minutes, it's really not worth it.
45. Ditch your girlfriend. Beg and plead until you get her back. Ditch her again. Repeat cycle.
46. Lie.
47. ALWAYS apologize. NEVER mean it.
48. If you hurt someone, pretend you care. Don't.
49. Try to have a good memory, but it's OK if you forget trivial things.
You know, like your girlfriend's b-day and eye color.
50. Ignorance solves problems. If you can't see them, they can't see you.
51. It is never your duty to take responsibility for your actions.
52. Create new words and phrases to describe genital, sex, semen, etc.
53. Complain about not getting any mail. When people FINALLY feel sorry for you and send you mail, ignore it and continue complaining.
54. Lie.
55. Play with your food only if you are in a public place with people you don't know.
56. Play with your penis only if you are in a public place with people you don't know.
57. If people express extreme disgust at whatever you are doing, DON'T
STOP! This is the desired reaction.
58. You are NOT a virgin. Ever. Males are born without virginity.
59. You are male, therefore you want quality.
60. Basic fundamental rule of sex: Quantity IS quality.
61. Lie.
62. If you cheat on a girl, but no one finds out, then technically you've done nothing wrong.
63. Crying is not manly. Then again, if you are a man, what do you have to cry about, anyway?
64. If the question begins with "why," the answer is "I don't know."
65. Women are your napkins. Use them, and throw them away.
66. Remember, Every virgin girl is saving herself or spot" and others will worship your skills.
67. Keep track of how many seconds in your life you have thought about sex. Compare with others.
68. Other peoples' pain is strictly for your amusement. Laugh long and loud.
69. Lie.
70. General Rule: Different is BAD.
71. If anyone asks you for a favor- a) make a big deal about how hard it is for you to do it, b) remind them of this huge favor you've done for them at least every 5 minutes for the rest of their f you're on a date, and there is a lull in the conversation, tell the girl how many different dorms you've been laid in.
72. When you tell a girl about your past, it's good to say, "God, I was such a pimp back then."
73. Here's a good trick. Tell a girl that you're going to leave and when you come back, you want her naked, sprawled on the bed. Leave, and go into her dad's room and tell him he should go check on his daughter. Then drive like hell. (true story.)
74. If a girl breaks up with you because you're in love with someone else, she has no right to be upset. Because, you know, SHE's the one who wanted to end the relationship.
75. The best sex position is you, lying face up... and twenty girls on top.
76. Practice grunting 5 times a day. While some may find it acceptable to grunt only before the morning coffee, the true male will only answer in monosyllabic form, except for emergencies, i.e.. when some portion of your body is on fire.
77. Never ask for directions. Ever. Even if you find yourself crossing the state line when all you wanted was to go buy some ammo.
78. Never ever show emotion. No exceptions. Including the emergency listed in Rule 1.
79. Refuse to talk about the relationship. Get uptight whenever she mentions "love" or "commitment."
80. Leave your boxers on the dining room table. Several pairs. Pretend they aren't there for as long as you can.
81. Never talk to a female, no matter how long you've known her, when you're with your friends.
82. Watch WWF Wrestling and believe it's real. Attempt to get tickets to the matches.
83. Scratch yourself in front of them. Watch them squirm.
84. Realize that your phone bill is way too high, and you couldn't possibly call any of your female friends, even if it's local.
85. Never compliment a girl, unless it's behind her back about the size of her, um...
86. Be early for everything (before the girl is even out of the shower) or don't show up at all.
87. Tell your girlfriend she doesn't kiss as well as your ex.
88. Plan for months ahead to finally go to that wrestling match with all your friends, on your anniversary of course, but neglect to tell your significant other until the day before. When she starts crying, offer to take her along. When she kicks you out of the house, move in with your friends and watch wrestling. Tell them she just has PMS.
89. Tell your girlfriend every dirty joke you can think of-you know how she loves them!
90. When she gets a cold, to cheer her up, tell her exactly how red her nose is and how bleary her eyes are. Expect her to be grateful that you're staying with her.
91. Invite your girlfriend to a Pantera concert. When she gets injured in the mosh pit, get your friend to take her to the emergency room.
92. Tell her, in detail, about all the girls that hit on you.
93. When she finally convinces you to take her to Prom, refuse to dance. Besides, you're just there to stand around and look cool, right?
94. Automatically assume that she doesn't know a thing about cars or electrical equipment. When she finally gives in and lets you fix something, try your best to completely ruin it.
95. Blame everything on PMS.

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Friday, June 5, 2009


If only real life is the same in the movies....Haih.....So nice........

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Why blog??

I haven’t post anything for some time now. I won't deny that blogging is just plain fun and very tempting to try. What better way to gossip about others or ramble on about your feelings in a way that everyone is forced to listen to your opinions? But unfortunately it can go terribly wrong. Let me tell you a story to illustrate my point.
A few years ago when I was still in middle school a great war broke out between certain members of my group of friends.
To this day I don't know how it all got started, but it only escalated, and rapidly. Soon blogs were flying all over the internet. Most of the people involved had at least two blogs with different sites and they posted all types of hate messages about the other people.
Of course everyone and their brother read those blogs and soon gossip was flying all over school. Secrets that they knew about each other were now all too public. Feelings were hurt and any chance of an apology between the people who originally started it were lost.
And unfortunately that wasn't the end of it. After that began to die down someone managed to hack the other person's account and began changing their profile and journal entries to say horrible things. And, naturally, others retaliated and hacked the other peoples' accounts. It was all a big mess and it didn't die down for months to come.
The point I'm trying to make with all this is that there are so many things that can go wrong with a blog. Even if you're not-so-good friends aren't able to hack into it they can still do some terrible things to you in real life if they find out you've been saying things about them they don't appreciate. Not only can your friends get offended by what you've said, many companies have started researching their client's accounts to see what kind of people they are. So that "harmless" little blog you posted about how drunk you got last weekend is suddenly laid out for the world to see.
Of course if you could write a harmless blog that only said good things about everyone and never mentioned your less than honorable habits then there wouldn't be a problem. But if you can't say how you really feel then what is the point of a blog in the first place?


Blogs are everywhere. They are topics of conversation and the focus of much time by the creator. The problem is that all the conversation about them is vague and not generally specific to a named blog. Blogs are very simply overrated. There are far too many blogs and bloggers to be able to attract many overall readers. There is just not enough time to devote to a number of blogs.
Blogs are unauthoritative opinions that may or may not be based on correct information. Bloggers seem to fall into two categories: those that take nothing seriously and those that take everything very seriously. This frequently results in a lack of balanced consideration when venturing an opinion. This reality of blogging eliminates the rumored income potential for all but a minute number of established bloggers.
Not many years ago, it was a common question to ask if someone had an email. Now everyone seems to have several emails and at least one blog. The amount of individual blogs is overwhelming. Most blogs do not have readership. They are read by the creator of the blog. Blogs are more of an online diary that allows bloggers to feel validated in their opinions. They lack traffic.
Anyone with absolutely nothing to say can blog. With any right or priviledge comes responsibility. Since we have the right of free speech in this country, we also have the responsibility to not knowingly spread untruths and to not incite hatred. With the proliferation of information, opinions often become tangled with truths. Pulling up a weblog can often appear to have the validity of fact when it is a bungle of absurdities. Blogs can also be sources of disseminating hatred and recruiting for organizations devoted to violence and intolerance. Far too often blogs masquerade as standards of thought instead of the varying and creative expression they represent. This creates a dangerous area for advertisers who fear public opinion.
With total freedom and self-policing responsibilities, most blogs are polarized between nonsensical satire veiled as newsworthy truth and a degree of seriousness embracing an arrogance that the blogger has been endowed with a snobbish higher consciousness that should dictate the thoughts of others. The line between these variances can easily be blurred by a reader who might accidentally stumble upon the blog.
Blogs are excellent if they are regarded as rambling diaries that are vehicles of free expression. The illusion of commercial and literary elevation cancels their creativity and clutters the web with more opinion and less information making it more difficult to locate reliable sources of information and not just the momentary unmerited idea. The frequent anonymity allows motives and agendas to be hidden. All of these factors cause the elevation of blogs to be unrealistic and overrated.

KL suck

Haih....KL is the most boring, polluted, depressing, annoying city ever...The expense of living in KL ins unbearable...